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Hi, so I got a bit over excited and jumped at buying a brand new Yoshimura R77 exaust for my XSR. It was easy to swap over and both looks and sounds amazing, with one major flaw: It's waaaay too damn loud...

From videos, I loved the low rumbles it gave the bike but I didn't really do enough research into how loud the thing would actually be. I live in a built up housing estate in the UK and I'm concerned about neighbors / daily commute to work and just generally being obnoxious. In the countryside, it will be awesome but for the city, just too much IMO. And I don't know if I can be bothered swapping back and forth between stock and aftermarket all the time.

I've installed the db killer baffle (tiny metal insert tube) that came with it and it probably knocks a few decibels off of it, but still too loud.
Does anyone know of any other baffles that would fit it and would knock it down a peg or two? Otherwise it may be going on Ebay as I just feel too anxious riding it around town.

Worth bearing in mind that this is my first bike and aftermarket exhaust so I might just be overreacting, but I don't think so...

Here's a link to the exhaust: Yoshimura - Yamaha MT-07 / XSR700
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