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Yamaha XSR700 Riding Hard

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Not too sure if this YouTuber is a member of the forums but I didn't see this video posted in the video section.

Came across this on YouTube and thought it was totally cool ! Putting the XSR700 through a serious of turns and a good rate of speed made this a treat to sit and watch

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He rides it like a stolen bike :)
Those hero blobs look a lot longer that the ones fitted to my UK bike.
He rides it like a stolen bike :)
There should be no other way to ride it :wink2:
Hopefully he doesn't wipe out because sometimes all it can take is stop deer to step in the way and your toast, especially going around a turn, it will not be pretty.
There's always a chance of something going wrong.. and riding like that definitely does increase the risk lol. Just gotta try to be as aware as you possibly can
And he wanted to lean down even further?!? I neither have the balls nor the 8 years of experience on a wobbly CB500 to ride like him.

Also, smart move on his end to blur out the gauge, cause there is no way he's going at speed limit.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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