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Yamaha recently unveiled the RZ version of the XSR 900 and at the moment, this version of the sport heritage bike will only be available in Japan.

This special version of the XSR 900 does not differ much from the standard model when it comes to performance, rather the changes is more of an aesthetic one. Paying homage to Yamaha, the XSR 900 RZ is painted in matte black with gold trim around the fuel tank and on the body panels. The Yamaha logo takes center stage with think golf edging and a red background. Matching the body is a set of gold rims.

Coloring aside, the XSR 900 RZ looks to be equipped with a custom seat, tail tidy, KYB suspension, and an aggressive exhaust muffler.

The bike has already appeared at various exhibitions in Japan and while Yamaha is unlikely to release a XSR 700 RZ, owners can still take design inspiration from it and tweak it a bit to work with the 700.
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