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Yamaha LED indicators fitted

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I really like the look of these, much smaller than the originals and really suit the bike. Not exactly cheap at £45 a pair though.

Fitted front and back. Ordered an LED relay unit but got the wrong fitment so using the included resistors for now.
Easy enough to fit the front ones although I did vut the cable length down. Some soldering is needed because you have to cut off the old connectors. The resistors are huge but tucked away under the headlight at the front and behind the battery at the rear. They are supposed to be attached to the frame to help dissipate the heat but that didn't really seem feasible. I did the rears when I fitted the evotech tail tidy so can't comment on the effort required to do those individually.

A brief vid.

I will try t get some better shots when it's not raining!


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None so far, not sure how they would manifest though? But if I am sat at waiting for a long time somewhere waiting for some lights to change or something I will cancel the indicators until I actually need them just in case.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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