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Maybe Yamaha hasn't confirmed the XSR750 for America because they plan on launching the XSR900 shortly?

VisorDown is reporting that Yamaha has effectively confirmed the larger XSR when they showed Roland Sands, King Kenny inspired, FZ-09 Custom.

If you remember the XSR750 debuted with a special Faster Sons one-off custom. Yamaha is using the same language to describe the Roberts racer replica.

Yamaha Motor Europe Product Manager Shun Miyazawa all but confirmed the project would become production reality: 'Roland did a fantastic job with this build, respecting this philosophy in great detail. This has given us a huge confidence and, as with Shinya Kimura’s concept, has again confirmed our direction and bike building philosophy. We are working on future Faster Sons products and this concept is going to help us to accelerate bringing future products to the market.'

If that's not enough for you VD is reporting that Yamaha has also filed trademarks for a host of web domains relating to XSR900.

So which would you rather have, the XSR 750 or the larger XSR900 triple?


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Launching the 900 first before the 700 is smart, since higher trims are almost what everyone finds to be the coolest even if its what they don't actually need or sometimes can't afford. Slotting in the 700 right after helps to get some cross promotion going on.
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