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XSR700 Waxing

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Hi there!

I was wondering what wax brand are you guys using on your XSR700.

I'm about to give my bike a full wash and Id like to keep it shiny!

I've seen some people that use just a detailer from Meguiar's and I've seen also a wax from WD-40 that comes in spray.

I mainly would like to remove all the small scratches and keep it shiny!

So what do you recomend/use on your XSR700??

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Started using NXT Gen Tech 2.0 from Meguair's and ever since i've been hooked. But of course it's going to vary from person to person and what their goals are, my route is the lazy way out :D
To remove the small scratches I would use something like M205 from Meguiars and follow that up with one of their like their carnauba. Doesn't last a long time, but if you re-apply the wax every 2 weeks or so you should be good.
Can't say much on wax that'll get rid of small scratches, maybe something natural like carnauba cleaner wax. If you want to protect the paint further there are clear coats or ceramic coating available. Something like CQuartz or Opticoat should work.
HD Scratch and swirl remover may work to get those fine swirls out, but ti works best on metal parts. Not sure about plastic bits like fairings.
Thank guys for all the replies!

I think I may stick with Muc-Off Miracle Shine :)

I'll post my opinion on this product
Post some 50/50s !! Everyone loves 50/50 comparison shots :)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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