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Hi fellas,

After test riding an XSR at my local dealership i have completely fallen in love with biking again after having 5 years off. The XSR is so light and agile plus there is enough power to enjoy yourself when the road clears. After test riding several new Triumphs, the modern running gear of the little Yamaha really does make a huge difference - it is head and shoulders above anything similar by Triumph AND thousands cheaper.

Anyway here's the dilemma - I've seen a couple on here for sale and have left messages etc but to be truthful money is an issue at the moment so rather than waste anyone's time i thought it would be easier to post a message letting you all know i have £4850 to spend.

I'm not fussed on colour, the odd scratch or slightly higher miles as I'll be doing some work on it whilst it's tucked away over the winter.

So if anyone wants a quick sale I have the cash waiting and can collect ASAP.

Thanks guys and safe riding.
Steve 07908506968

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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