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XSR700 'Super 7' by JvB-moto

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Following the concept XSR700 by Chabbott Engineering’s Shinya Kimura, Germany’s JvB-moto has also come out with their own version of the XSR700 called Super 7.

Here's a video of their build:

A lot of the parts for the Super 7 was made in house including the ED indicators, speedometer mounting, side covers, seat unit, mounting for the Arrows exhaust, mudguard, taillight and number plate mounting among a few other custom parts.

These parts will be available for purchase by XSR700 owners so there will not be a shortage of mods when the bike finally hits the dealerships.
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Here's a link to the article from Yamaha: http://www.yamaha-motor.eu/eu/products/motorcycles/sport-heritage/yard-built/xsr700-super7-jvb-moto.aspx

JvB-moto actually put a lot of time into this project with so many in house parts and they showed us how easy it is to take apart the xsr700 and modify it.
I see they streamlined the seat unit for a sportier look and the new headlight is not as prominent with the mod. May not appeal to those who want the classic look.

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Lovely! I've always been a huge fan of JVB's work, the Ducati scrambler customs, before there WAS a scrambler, are GORGEOUS!!
Now we just need to see more builds like this!
The video is now private? Maybe the early release of it was accidental. :surprise:
Yamaha has recently reposted the video on youtube. Guess we saw it when we weren't supposed to.

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It looks fat. Love it.

According to what I readed in the JvB website, pieces should be available very soon.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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