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XSR700 Pyramid Hugger Extension & Extenda Fenda

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Hi Guys,

No reply to thread, but knowing roads/rain in Scotland I went and bought one anyway.

For those interested attached are pics of a the hugger on the bike.

I must admit it was a slight faff to remove and fit the stock hugger, 2x 5mm allen key bolts on chain side are easy. Tricky part was the rivets on swing arm and also under the brake cables.

I phoned Pyramid who advised the trick is to push in the circular piece which makes for easy removal. (don't try and force out the rivets) ;)

When putting back in, it's the reverse, simply push into position then push the protruding circular piece back flush. Simple once I'd realised but not much space for hands (took a few attempts and dropped rivets).

Glueing the hugger was fine, I followed the video guide, clamped for 22 hours next to radiator fit back on the bike and it survived a 50 mile ride.

IMO it looks great, although you'll note in pic maybe pyramid could have moulded the join slightly closer (its was fine on one side but a larger gap on the other)

Hope this helps.



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Good info, thanks for sharing. Surprised it's riveted on in parts, that makes it a real pain to replace....which bit needed gluing??
I managed to snap one of the plastic rivets when removing mine. Fortunately, I didn't need it as I fitted the Ermax hugger instead. Couldn't help thinking that none of the hassle (and expense - Ermax are pricey!) would have been necessary if Yamaha had fitted a proper hugger in the first place rather than that ridiculous token OEM part, which gives almost no protection to the shock.
Hopefully attached pics will provide extra info re glueing and the actual mod.

Item 28 on schematic are those pesky rivetS.

@tiger john, noted you had fit the ermax, had pyramid not advised id have ask you the question. Tbh i thought id have to purchase spare rivets and snap them off.

Easily done but luckily you only needed one for the ermax. I guess the rivets are not a bad design once understood. Definite head scratcher though!!

Here hoping hugger helps keep the muck off the shock.


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One other point to note, unlike pic on pyramid website, the hugger Didnt come pyramid branding on it. Much better without imo
That's always a good thing. Looks clean though and effective. Not too large but nice and stylish :)
Does anyone know if the hugger extender also fits on the metal accessory Yamaha chain guard ?
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