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xsr700 luggage rack

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I have a genuine Yamaha luggage rack that was on my bike for one trip to the motogp at Silverstone. It is in perfect condition with original box and instructions.

I was going to stick it on ebay but just wondered if anyone on here was after one first.

You need the Yamaha single seat to use this if you didn't know.

Was hoping to get about £50.00 for it so if anyone is interested please get in touch

Cheers daps.
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Would you take £40 posted please? I'm in the UK

Was holding off getting one as I'm really tempted to take off all the subframe! But could do with something to bungee cord too when I'm out in summer

Hi there,

I've put the luggage rack on ebay now and it's got bids. Please feel free to bid on it though.

Tbh I think you will probably win it if you bid £40.00.

Cheers daps
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