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Hi guys,

When I got my new XSR I was quite excited by the relative ease of customisation like most of you here, I assume. But, being a new bike there was only a handful of people making off-the-shelf custom accessories and we're pretty limited to what we can do. One of parts I was amazed I couldn't really find for a reasonable price were the fork covers. For me, esthetics wise, the fork covers make the bike look so much better, especially if you've got the fork gators as well. I was struggling to find good ones and even Yamaha themselves here didn't have them as an accessory for this bike.

After a bit research, I ended up buying the jvb moto headlight and fork cover set from Germany, because I liked the idea of changing to that style of headlight and it looked good on their Super7 build. I have since changed my mind as it didn't really fit the the rest of the changes..

The set from JvB was a complete, blatant rip-off to say the least. Not only were they ridiculously over priced (including a crazy delivery fee), but the headlight and the covers where not even painted/powder coated!!!

(I still have the actual set if anyone is interested. I did get them powder coated by the way, so if you do like the look, you can pretty much just put it on.)

On top of that, it looks like they didn't even bother measuring the correct length required for the fork covers! There's a bit of a gap at the top (and by the way, pushing the top mounting points as far down as possible) and it just looks dodgy, seeing the shiny forks behind it. It just wrecks the whole look.

Yamaha's one on eBay cost GBP75, which is about AUD130 + GBP40 (AUD70) shipping fee, which is just crazy.

Anyhow, as I run out of options, I decided to make some myself. ( I run an engineering company here in Melbourne). They came out great and I had fair few guys pick them up through a club here.

So, I just wanted to see if anyone here would be interested in these. They cost 80 Australian dollars + a flat shipping fee of 30 aud anywhere in the world. That works out to be roughly around $90, EUR80 and GBP70 in total. So, a lot cheaper. And it could be even less if we can make a bigger batch, so if you're interested, please let me know.

These by the way, completely made here in Australia, fully CNC machined with high quality aluminium and great black finish. I've attached some pictures for you to have a look at. It literally takes about 15 min to install.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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