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XSR700 for occasional long distance touring?

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Hello from the USA,

I'm excited to get on this bike soon to gather a proper opinion for myself, but I also wanted to absorb some real experience from riders of the bike.

My usage would normally be short trips around town/country of less than 50 miles at a time. But on occasion, every couple years, I'd like to head out across country. A particular round trip from Maine to Alaska with my brother provoked my post here. Certainly not a trip to take lightly, in any vehicle. The XSR700 may not be the best fit for such a ride, but the challenge is intriguing, as we both plan to purchase an XSR.

All stories, opinions, and experience would be helpful regarding the XSR700 capabilities specifically. Thanks in advance everyone.
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The XSR700 may not be the best fit for such a ride, but the challenge is intriguing
In short, you've provided the answer! The XSR will do it, certainly, but not in the comfort that a purpose built tourer would. Wind protection, seat comfort and suspension will all create issues on a long tour. If you intend to do a lot of touring, you'd be better off with a mid sized tourer instead - my choice, without hesitation, would be a DL650 VStrom. I've done single trips of 5+ hours in comfort on the XSR but I'd hesitate to take it on an epic multi day adventure. If it's a one-off trip and you want to enjoy all the other benefits of an XSR, then go for it! We'll look forward to your ride report!
My usage would normally be short trips around town/country of less than 50 miles at a time. But on occasion, every couple years, I'd like to head out across country.
I use my XSR in the exact same way as you do: It basically moves me around the town and the nearer areas and it is simply perfect.
It's a fantastic bike that gives you a really good feeling while riding and a lot of fun. Of course it will always be a "naked" less or more, so you can't expect it to be a perfect adventurer bike :). Short story long, I'm totally encouraging you to buy it, because you will have A LOT of fun for the 95% of the time you will spend on it (while traveling around the town) and then you will have just some minor troubles for the 5% of the time (long mileage trips), but you will always be able to do whatever you like with this bike, even long trips. And let's be honest: the most fun part of the long trips is the hard setting of everything and the wildlife! You wouldn't enjoy a long trip done with a vehicle that is 200% perfect and fives you 0 emotions!!!

I feel buying an XSR is totally worth it, and (after trying my friends' bikes like ducati monster, ducati scrambler, MV agusta brutale, Moto guzzi V7 II, ecc) I can guarantee you that there's not a more beautiful, fun and enjoyable bike that can be compared to our XSR when comes the time of moving between skyscrapers ;)
Let us know which color you will choose and give us some pics of it and your eventual mods! :) cheers
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From my experience I had the most trouble with wind protection and seat confort on long rides.
Tested on a 5200 km trip around the Iberian Peninsula.
Anyways I think it is a viable touring bike with a wind screen and a gel pad.
About a month ago I did over 7 hours on the bike and 350+ miles, of which 40 were on dual carriage way / freeway. Stopped every couple of hours for fuel which aligned nicely with the back sides requirement for a rest. I was surprised how ache free I was after the trip.
Thanks for the feedback everyone. I agree, windscreen is a must, as well as a seat pad or sorts. I’ve got a running list of equipment I’d like to add. Better lights, bags, crashbars, windscreen, seat, radiator guard, ect. It’s great to hear others have put some long rides on this rig without any unexpected trouble.

More than one has recommended to me, the DL650 Vstrom. It truly is a proper bike for touring or commuting, but it doesn’t call to me like the XSR does for when I’m not long distance. It’s a hard line I’m trying to ride here, but I think the XSR is the answer. Should this all come to fruition, we will compile a short 10 minute video review of the bike, and the adventure we took in on.
@xcgreene, sounds good and we look forward to those photos and videos!
Hi I've ridden for 4-5 hours and back in a day before, bum ache not too bad really.
I've had the tinted small windscreen from Yamaha on before , helps slightly push wind up the body more.
No screen also more wind on you so have to move forward and more energy for faster speeds over 70.
I've tried a puig touring screen but as it attached to the handle bars as well ,in the wind would make the front wheel wobble.
Didn't particularly like that, so I'm screenless atm and it's actually not that bad. I ride 1 1/2 to 2 hours commute and it's no problem.
All round easy to ride, good viewing platform, sounds good with an akra.
Enjoy safe riding
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