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I think it can be an usefull thread.

To start with something... did you know this next site?

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More here, in their news section they announce some parts for our bike:

More interested in accessories for the bike instead of clothes, but that's just me.
I would like to edit the first post to add all the links there, accesories, or clothes. But for some reason I can´t find the edit button.
I think there is no edit button. I have searched too.
ADMINS please, would you mind adding it???
Does anyone know of an aftermarket exhaust that looks similar to the stubby original exhaust? I see that Akrapovic offer a high level exhaust but I prefer the look of the original.
I believe Akra offer a stubby exhaust too. Probably only listed on websites for the MT-07.
And while ADMIN is feeding in an edit button, perhaps they could give us quick access to the latest entry in a thread.
Thanks. I wonder if it's in-keeping with the style of the XSR or more suited to the MT-07?
The low slung exhaust looks very nice. I wouldn't mind seeing it on the bike. I'm hoping that the other aftermarket manufacturers start to roll out their own products asap.
That gauge relocating bracket looks good. I can never see the gauge without looking down.
FASTER SONS CRUISE JACKET - What back protector to buy?

The jacket is produced by Dainese but it doesn´t comes with the back protector included, so do you know guys what back protector should I buy??


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Are you looking for an insert? Or a back protector with straps that doesn't go into the jacket?
Dainese make both forms of back pads but stock is dependent on your store.

Dainese Manis Jacket D1 55

Dainese Manis D1 G1
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Thanks a lot GooglesMcCoy. You nailed it. I will go for the Manis D1 but the G2 size.

Glad to help. Dainese also has the Wave D1 G2.
Best to bring your jacket to your go to motorcycle store and stick both pads in to see which one you like better before purchase.
I alredy ordered the Manis D1 G2 after talking to the Dainese guys.
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