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I was looking for a used XSR700 and I found this XSR modded :

The guys that mod it are those guys and here are more photos of the bike :

Personnaly, I don't like the front at all. But I found that's a fantastic mod for the XSR !

How do you like it ? Would you buy it ? :surprise:


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Are these Yoshimura pipes available in Europe???
No, this is a custom made exhaust based on a Yoshimura model (don't know which one).

But those guys are French, so you can ask them. Perhaps they can made it again on your XSR ;)

Their website : http://www.liberty-yam.com/
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Ok, thanks. STill the new Akra doubel pipe is IMPRESSIVE.
thats so nice! what are these double akra pipes you speak of sir?
How much they want for the bike?
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