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XSR Meet up

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Anyone in southern england area have any interest in a big xsr cruise?
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Son of rhino where we talking about, southern England is a big area ?
Im hampshire and interested
I'm in Essex but would rather wait until it warms up a bit! I hate winter!!
Ride out

I'm in Dorset, but also agree with John summer be better.
Yeah, apologies for my incredibly vague geographic call out!
I'm based in London but generally head down to the south coast or into the Cotswolds but am always keen for an excuse to go further a field. Maybe it would be best to wait for the spring months - by that time the army of xsr's would have grown tenfold i'm sure so would make things even more interesting!
Sounds good.

Where about in London are you?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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