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XSR 700 - XSR 900 headlight brackets

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Does anyone know if the head light brackets between the XSR700 and XSR 900 are interchangeable? Mostly I would like to know about the measurements of the two screws fasten the brackets on to the motorcycle as indicated at the photo.


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The reason I am asking is because Dart send me the schematic of the XSR900 screen installation, which I can't upload here due to it's size. The bracket are adjusted at the two bolts that I have pinpointed in the picture above. So if the measurements are the same we can use the screen for the XSR900
Well, I only know that the diameter of the lamp is the same on both bikes. From this picture it looks like the xsr900's brackets are bent inward in the rear, whereas those on the xsr700 go straight. So if I had to guess I'd say the mountings on the xsr700 are further apart.
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It's not the same distans between the two screws on the 900.
One is 50mm and the other 55mm i took the measurements today at my dealer when i picked mine up!
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