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XSR 700 maintenance vs MT-07

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Hello everyone. I am very new here. I am from the Philippines and I am about to purchase the first XSR -700 Unit that was flown here (grey market).
There are available Yamaha Motorcycle repair shops here.
My question is, since the XSR 700 is very new here and while MT-07s are actually available in the Philippines. Is it very similar with the MT-07 in terms of maintenance? Is there anything I need to worry about in terms of maintaining it? Are the engine parts exactly matching the MT-07?
Thank you in advanced.

BTW, I do not have the actual unit yet. I am hoping to have it by next week.

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Hello dark... The first one in my part of the world must be so good....
Someone correct me if im wrong, but the XSR and MT share exactly the same engine; brakes; suspension... Except the tires and gas tank and less plastics etc... Its the same bike...
The Tracer is different..
As far as I know that's totally right. I'd also highlight that the handlebar and speedometer are different.
What about the emission standard?
Euro4 (XSR) vs. Euro3 (MT-07)
Did they change parts of the engine to achieve Euro4 standard?
As far as know all are euro4..
They are dropping in Europe xjr1300 :-( Euro3
And Sr400 :) Euro3
I know for sure that until now all MT-07 models meet only Euro3 standard, but the 2017 model will meet Euro4 standard... That's why it is officially not possible to fit MT exhausts on the XSR...
Thanks guys =) Yes i believe it has the same engine as the MT07.

I am wondering if the typical maintenance should have the same oil filters, engine replacement parts , brake pads, radiator parts ?

This would just get me less worried of importing these things here in case. Thanks
Just a reference of the two bikes =)


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What about the emission standard?
Euro4 (XSR) vs. Euro3 (MT-07)
Did they change parts of the engine to achieve Euro4 standard?
The big difference beetwen E4 <-> E3 is the presence (in E4) of a new carbon filter to recycle the oil / petrol gas, the presence of two amber reflector on the forks, the ABS system and (IMHO) a new (different) mapping for the electronic injection ...

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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