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Michael Mann from Bike Social was able to test ride the Yamaha XSR 700 in Sardinia at the world press launch.

Here's a few comments from him about the ride and a full road test and video should be on the way also.

It's ride is similar to the Yamaha MT-07 with smooth power delivery and instant throttle response along with a 6-speed gearbox. The light clutch lever has a late bite point, the suspension and ABS-assisted brakes does perform well and the chassis combined with the Pirelli Phantom tires makes it easy for riders to flick from side to sideon curves.

As for it's design, the leather seat pushes you forward into the narrow tank and it's more suited to upright riding. It's comfort was not fully tested on a 25mile ride. The handlebars are closer to the rider which contributes to the upright riding position but this also mean that the display gauge won't be within glancing distance. You'll have to move your head to see it's readings.

Not a big issue for me but those used to sports bikes may find it annoying to glance down.
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