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xsr 700 back brake

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Hi All,went on a test ride yesterday on a new XSR 700 and liked the bike but found the rear brake had a lot of travel and no feel whatsoever-It seemed like I had to re -position my foot to operate it.I did find that the bike was too tall for me-I am 5'6 .I am exploring options to get it lowered -the dealer spoke to Kais supension and they didnt recommend one of the spring retainer kits as they had a customer who said it changed the handling for the worse.Does the rear brake improve once the pads are bedded in? I am currently riding a 2007 hornet(with linked ABS brakes)Thanks for reading this
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Well firstly u have to get 1 their awesome bikes.

2 the rear brake is not working because the newness has not wore off yet and once it has you will find its.......exactly the same lol
3 people on here have succesfully lowered their bikes so it can be done no worries.

Get one get one get one!!!
Hi I changed the seat for the flat one, I'm about 5' 8" and I reckon it's a tad lower. See if your dealer got one you can try. 👍🏻
Yep, rear brake is pants!! Mines improved a bit with wear though and I've gotten used to the amount of travel. I'm told it's something to do with abs but I'm no mechanic.

Enjoy your new baby!

My best mate and the only one I seem to go riding with has a 125 vespa gtv. Lovely thing but the horrible noise it makes...............
Last year I switched from the '07 Hornet as well and from my experience it may take quite a while to get used to the new ergonomics. Well, I couldn't get used to the close speedo until today but the rear brake will feel better when worn in and as you get used to. Anyway, even worn in you'll remain to push a longer distance for the same brake effect.

The suspention will feel awful flabby too compared to the stock Hornet setup, especially when going faster turns and curves on uneven roads. Pretty much all of the hardware switches appear to be also below Honda's quality standards: Engine- and rear-brake-light switches stick after the first winter break, the indicator switch feels wobbly and unresponsive and stuff like that. Rather poor compared to the Hornet's stock equipping.


The engine. Holy crap, yes it's way too silent and the tone sounds lousy synthetic but riding this mini ram makes me forget about all the complainig. The Hornet's torque peak around 9-11.5k is basically there all the time, which to me makes it really worth it all.
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Poor design

The key issue with the brake pedal is that it's set too low in relation to the footpeg. It should have been designed with an upturn in the pedal shaft in front of the footpeg, raising it about 2cm. I don't think it needs any more travel to operate the brake.....it's just that your right foot is already pointing downwards before you even operate the pedal, so it feels as if it's travelling further. It'll be interesting to see if any after market producers come up with a replacement. I guess that Yamaha's engineers will wake up to the issue at some point!
You can adjust the position of the rear brake pedal, up or down.

I've adjusted mine so that it's just under my boot, so it does not require much movement to operate.


PS - you may need to also adjust the rear brake light switch after you have adjusted the pedal.
Can you explain how can the pedal be adjusted upwards?
To adjust the pedal you will need a copy of the Service Manual. I don't have enough posts yet to be able to post any links, but if you search this forum for 'service manual', you should find that someone has posted a link to Dropbox which has the manual.

Once you have the manual refer to pages 3-13 & 3-14 for the pedal adjustment.

If you need to adjust the rear brake light switch refer to page 3-26.

Easy to adjust

Just did mine - I set it in the highest possible position and had to adjust the brake light switch afterwards. Neither were difficult to do. It's better but I still think an upward curve in the pedal shaft would have been better, allowing the brake pedal to be set to the same height as the footpeg. The more upright riding position of the XSR calls for a higher pedal position than the OEM part, which I suspect is much the same as the MT 07's. Thanks for the tip, Wex.
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