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Winter question from a young rider :D

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Hi to every XSR biker here!
Sadly, winter is coming and my insurance forces me to put my beloved bike inside the garage from the 1st of december to the last day of february. Not a really big damage after all, here in my country we don't have many good-weathered days in those months usually :p .
So here comes my question: I've done the (probably) last ride of 2016 yesterday and when I set my (forest green >:) ) in the garage, the gasoline was nearly at 0. Tank is on reserve, and the last (i mean the bottom one) gasoline bar is lightening.
I thought it would be a nice thing to rest my bike for 3 months with nearly no fuel in it, but I'm not sure so I'm asking here to you more experienced guys :D.
I honestly don't know how many KMs the xsr 700 can walk when the sign is lightening, I nearly made 9.6 or so....

Thanks in advance and sorry if my post isn't too clear!
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Here’s just my opinion.

I’m in the UK so the same winter weather you have that prevents me from enjoying the XSR700 as much as I would like so it will go into garage storage. Problems can be caused by condensation. Manuals, YouTube videos and other opinions will tell you to either drain the tank or top it up. All I do is add some fuel stabilizer and that’s it. I have never done any more than that with any bikes I have had or have at the moment and never had any problems at all. That could be down to luck but I haven’t done anything different this year than I have done for the past twenty when over-wintering my bikes.
Any specific brand of fuel stabilizer ?? I've heard some of them are just a placebo effect...
Mmmmmh so I'm a bit confused :)...
Should i fill the tank and then put my bike asleep 'till march, or should i leave the tank (nearly) empty like it is now untill I can ride it again on march?
Hi Kranith. Simply fill your petrol tank up to reduce any chance of issues that could potentially be caused by condensation - and all should be fine. There will be no problem having the same fuel in the tank and other parts of the fuelling system for 2-3 months. Check your handbook and lubricate all the usual areas then wrap her up and put her to bed. Do not forget to trickle charge or periodically charge the battery or your first ride in the Spring will be frustratingly delayed . . . .
Lol there's so many back and forths on this how much petrol deal. Does the handbook have storage instructions or tips ?
The owner's manual has a section for car and storage. They mention filling the fuel tank and adding stabilizer, lubrication, things to do to protect from corrosion, etc. It's after the giant "Periodic maintenance and adjustment" section in the manual.
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