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Wilbers rear shock

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Along with some cheapo Chinese fork preloaders (£25), just fitted a Wilbers 640 Blueline wound out to the full +10mm of adjustment. Cost £512, took 10 days once ordered to my specs.

With the new tyres the whole bike feels much more agile. Looking forward to my upcoming ride.

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Sweet man. I was actually curious about the pros/cons of lifting mine between 1/2"-1" (10-20 mm). I am 6' 1/2" 180 lbs and can firmly plant both feet on the ground.

I used to own a KTM 525 that I could only get one foot firmly planted on the ground, so that could be why it still feels low/odd to me though. I have looked at that Wilbers and also a K-Tech Razor-R
I'm the same height as you but at my age have also got tired of yard-high dirt bike saddles (previous was WR250R).
K-Tech Razor-R was also on the list but iirc the cost of 10mm longer than standard doubled the price.

Recently got some K-Tech 93-kilo fork springs fitted.
Looking forward to trying it out next week on a long ride up the west coast.
If any one is looking for a affordable rear shock, i found this one in Germany

-> FEDERBEIN - Great German word for it
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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