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Who uses ACF 50

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Hi guys and gals? Ive just brought on recommendatiin a can of ACF 50 which im told is the holy grail of protectant sprays....like GT85 on steroids....... does anybody else use this or have any application tips? A few vids of youtube also worth checking out if u wanna know what this stuff is. Not the cheapest at around £15 - £20 a can but im hoping it lives up to its price tag
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I did a complete treatment on my bike on Monday and it’s brilliant stuff, a completely different product to WD40 and GT85 (although the smell of GT85 can’t be beaten). I used less than half an aerosol on the whole bike so it’s not expensive per application. There are loads of youtube vids on how to apply it. Just make sure the bike’s spotless and dry and then make sure you don’t get any on the brakes or tyres. They say it doesn’t dry although I had a good look at the bike today 48 hours after application and it’s certainly not slimy. Make sure you get it on all the exhaust manifold area and the front of the engine where all the crud get flung off the front tyre
Ah excellent thanks for the reply. I did use gt85 on it the other week so ill give it a wash first to remove that film and retreat as you advise.
Only thing with this stuff is that it will come off after washing apparantly so if your a winter rider ure better of washing as little as possible.
Yeah, they market it as a sacrificial layer so like you say each time you wash it some of it will come off although I can't see a light rinse with some diluted cleaner will take much off, you'll see what I mean once you've applied it!

Defo get the GT85 off first as it's teflon-based I think so won't help the ACF50 stick.
I thought it was meant to stick for a long period of time ??
It does, but if you clean the bike with strong solvent every week it won't last as long as if you clean it every 2 or 3 weeks. Most of the blurb about it reckons on applying it every 12 months: http://www.acf-50.eu/motorcycle.htm
Ohh okay that's the same place I was referring to, I just thought that it was meant to withstand the routine washes and what not. But thanks for the information, that's definitely something to keep in mind.
Im a tart anyhow and wont get it dirty......too many nooks and crannies to clean afterward for me....
I too am a tart mate.

I found some stuff called Nano Protech Anticor. I spray it on the bottom of the bike after washing, doesn't even need to be dry. Then when the bike is dry I go over everything with HybridX Ultima polish. Its a nano type polish but puts on a super hard coating that nothing can stick to for 6 months. Any crap just hoses off. Wicked stuff!

They also do a permanent coating service or you can buy a kit to do it yourself. Had a great conversation with the guy that invented it.

Gotta love a clean bike dood.
That stuff sounds the daddy chilly may look into that....its a shame as im desperate to ride her but its not gunna happen with all this dirty road salt stained roads in southampton.

Got an operation coming up that will put me in bed for 3 weeks so its gunna be april before im out.......
Not great news Matt. Hope it all goes well as I'm sure things will. Just think of the heightened anticipation. Makes things much more exciting when it happens!

All the best dude.

By the way the nano protech is on YouTube if you want a look. Bought mine through Alza.co.uk as it's a bugger to get your hands on. HybridX is just on the net. Cheers
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