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Who has made diy luggage to fit with the bike?

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Im looking at getting my aunt (seamstress) to make me a side bag of sorts to keep with the theme of the bike. Who here has also taken this overpriced luggage battle on and fashioned their own?
Piks and ideas welcome....im looking to fashion it around a british army gas bag but with brown leather waxed.
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Totally agree with you bro.
I personally feel that side bags are too big for our bike and i prefere it to be "as more naked as possible", but checking a lot of images on the web and seeing it in different yamaha shops, I've found that the tool bag really looks cool on our xsr and I think it gives a more awesome look to our bike.
So, after seeing the (foolish) price Yamaha is selling that (useless xD) tool bag, I've decided to start looking for a local leather shop who would craft me something really similar, and (hopefully) more usefull than the Yamaha's tool bag.
(just to give you an idea:

That said, I'd like to have a cilindric light-brown leather bag looking like the Yamaha's tool one, but I'd really prefere it to have a "normal" bag inside, so I will actually be able to sort something into it :)
ll probably also ask to the shop (I've already found it, I'm just waiting for march to come and bike to be allowed to walk around the street again :D) about crafting another Yamaha-looking-like side bag, and then I'll let you know ;).

Do you actually have any idea or look-alike design?
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I got a roll bag in browne suede leather from chrome cruisers in the uk for £30 also sell on ebay i fitted mine and it look the dogs danglies
If you dont need a lot of carrying capacity, I think the tool rolls would fit in well with the XSR, as long as you dont use ones that are too cruiser'ish with loads of chrome studs on it.
You can get black leather ones on the bay for around £20....


Or faux leather for about half that price.

Loads of different shapes & sizes on there in brown and black.
Ignore the messy garage. Not a great pik but ill post up next time im out on the bike


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http://chromecruisers.co.uk/22-leather-tool-rolls link to tool roll. Fast delivery too
Thanks Jeffo and matt, I was just thinking to apply on my bike a roll bag that LOOKS like the Yamaha's tool bag, but actually works as a normal bag. I dont know if you've seen the yamaha tool bag's inside, but it is totally useless since it is just made to carry little pipes or bolts handler. :s
Anything rustic looking would match the XSR700 and that's mostly attributed to the leather you use. Perhaps a simple design like this?
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Oh i love that......is that just a random pick googles or are they for sale?
Okay so small luggage sorted..... check this out on ebay. Copy this ebay number into the search bar on ebay.
My plans to make 1 is pointless at this price point and its a fair enough size not to be tooooooo big it looks stupid and too small it can hold anything......
Now how to mount it......
Have you got a bag sorted yet? Just a suggestion on a rack to attach it with, the sw motec legend gear carrier would be ideal, it doesn't need the pillion pegs to attach and once behind a bag like your thinking it would be completely hidden, it has 3 lugs that thread into the carrier so just make some holes in the back of the bag and screw it on with the lugs...and yes it was this post that made me think of it and do it so thank you ;-)
Hi Aame, glad i inspired you to take the plunge. A familly member made me a bag using an old army gas bag as a template. Ive not fitted it to the bike yet (weekends full of boating biking and diy at the mo but ill get round to it)
Any piks are welcome once you complete your side bag project
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