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Hello everyone!
Winter has come and so with it has arrived the time to put my bike in garage for the next 3 months.
I was trying to choose a good couple of wheel lifters just to be sure my bike will be 100% safe for the entire 3 months lenght, and in order to prevent myself from having to periodically remember to go in the garage and manually turn both wheels as otherwise they would get squared.
What would you guys suggest as a good (but hopefully not that expensive) couple of wheel lifters? What kind of item should I look for, and where? I'm aiming straight on the old good amazon prime tho, but I'm open to better suggestions if you have.....
Thanks in advance for any help,
Cheers to every XSR owner!! 馃槑

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What kind of winter temperatures are you talking about? I live in Northern Michigan where temperatures are generally below freezing from mid November to about the End of April or so and I have never lifted my bikes off their tires in 55 years of riding and If my tires ever flattened while sitting the very soon rounded out. I just don't worry about that. Now I have relatives who live in Alaska and they've told me, up in Fairbanks where they used to live the temps. can go down to neg. 45 degrees F. or a bit lower and their tires will flatten and stay that way even after driving until it gets warmer. Personally I think too many people worry about getting their tires off the ground during non-use periods in the winter months. Perhaps if I hadn't spent the vast majority of my life in this God-forsaken place I might think differently. If I get two seasons out of a set of tires I consider that pretty good so it's not like we don't replace tires on a regular basis any way.

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One tip is to simply allow enough room to roll the bike around a bit, rotating where the tires are resting. Lots less cost than getting stands.

I will say I have never stored bikes with tires off the floor except for the rear because the bike has a center stand. If I wanted to do so I would buy a low priced swing arm lift (or step up and buy a set of the Gilles chain adjuster lift stand spools and a low priced aluminum stand like Harbor Freight sells), then find the least expensive front stand I could get or use a hydraulic jack and some wood blocks under the front of the engine to unweight the front wheel.

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I have this and this:

It's okay, does the job.

But you can get this just with the paddles already, not for spools:

Recommendation would be to eventually get Gilles or TST spools anyway.

And then for front end you could get this or something like it:

Notice the adapters at the end are the only difference. The front end has those two rubber rollers, for spools there are hooks, for no spools, paddles.

I have never used a paddock for front and another for back at same time. Not sure you can safely do it.
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