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What mileage on the oe tyres? Best replacement?

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Hi all

Coming up to 3k and the back standard tyre is looking a bit square (commute to work, not weekend blasts!)

Did the other forum members find this about the same?

Also, as much as the tread pattern suits the bike I'm happy to change tyres to something a bit more suited to weekend runs. If you've changed tyres what's your recommendation?

Thanks in advance for any pointers

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Im going for the Pirelli Mt60 next time.
3k on my originals and still looking good... probably got another 2k in them before the rear squares off with me. This is mostly commuting, too.

I will go with the OE tyres again I think.
I reckon I've another 500miles worth before the back has had it!

The front is fine - I don't like mis-matched tyres so I may stick the another OE rear
are you running the rear at the correct tyre pressure?
Michelin PR5's seem to be very popular - I'll probably be trying a pair when I change. Currently at 5k miles but plenty of tread left in the Pirellis at the moment. Yours seemed to have squared off a bit prematurely at 3k, Guy..... do you do lots of motorway riding?
i had changed my OE ones to PR5s at 5.3k miles before a long trip, and I reckon they still had about 500-800 miles left in them. To be honest, I can't tell the difference, but it's probably because I don't ride them anywhere near the tyre limit (i have 2cm of chicken strips). The PR5s feel a bit more planted in the rain, and the bike dips into turns much easier, although I don't know how much of that is due to the new tyres not being square. What I did notice is that they definitely wear a lot slower (I've done about 2k miles in them on 85-90% motorways and they still look brand new, no sign of squaring)
Have done 50/50 of motorway and blasts- chicken strips aren't too bad!

I'll keep the OE until autumn when she goes in the garage. Am thinking pr5s for the next set tho, just have to keep motorway miles to a minimum

Thanks all for the advice
6500 miles on my rear and started to square off. Will look at getting a replacement over the weekend. The bike feels like its tipping in too much when I lean now. Feels like its going to go over..

Front seems fine so will probably go with the original spec rear, cheap enough and so far I'm still alive.

Hate buying new tyres, every review seems to have people who like a certain brand/spec and others who hate the same tyre. I know its down to personal choice and riding but I cant afford to buy a tyre that doesn't work for me. Hence will go with what I know.
I'm at 10500 kms now, no squareing yet. This is how it looks after a few easy laps on a track. Probably going for a stickier one once it's over.


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That is mine whit 13k km. O realy dont like the grip oh coners and weath 😕


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