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What Are You Wearing?

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What do you wear when riding? Safety is important when it comes to riding motorcycles. Maybe we can share what we wear, reviews, etc.

For pants, I have a pair of Dainese Perforated Leather Pants. It looks sporty with armor in the hip, knee and shin armor. Keeps me cool too.

Going to get a new jacket this year, been looking one of those inflatable airbag vests.

Rounding out my hear are Alpinestars boots and Alpinestars Air Carbon Glove.
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Nice thread.

I wear jeans with knee pads and kevlar threatment. Then I just bought the Faster Sons leather jacket, that is produced by Dainese and looks really well.

I use a standrad Diesel boots despite I have an original Triumph boots, but feel really confortable with the ones I wear. And then a Re-Vit leather gloves.

In my head I have a Bell Custom 500 or a DMD 75 helmet.
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Was thinking of Kevlar jeans myself but they don't come with armor so I'd have to wear detachable pads over the pants. Is that what you have to do?
Was thinking of Kevlar jeans myself but they don't come with armor so I'd have to wear detachable pads over the pants. Is that what you have to do?
Well, my jeans do come with knee armour, detachable one, but it has it´s own pocket to fit it. Re-Vit jeans.

I've been eying up some Ugly Bros pants: http://uglybros-store.com/product/Motorpool-Grey/020000S10000075/ But they're soo expensive :crying:
Very nice pants indeed. Expensive but cool as ****.
Through winter and currently im wearing the alpinestars andes jacket and pants, Best fitting motorcycle gear ive ever worn. In summer i swap to my triumph jacket which is so beaten it looks real retro. I have Oxford goretex gloves for the winter and dainese long and shortys for the summer. Wearing the AGV K5 Helmet which once again tops best helmets i've owned, swap for summer to the biltwell ******
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How are the Oxford goretex gloves? do they keep you warm while riding? One of my main problems is poor circulation to my extremities so my fingers get cold easily.
Bell Bullitt RSD Mojo Helmet
Sol Invictus Armored gloves
Draggin Jeans
Either a Segura Brown Retro Leather Jacket or a DriRider Black Scrambler Jacket
Rjays hitop boots

Safety first!
I'm wearing leather work boots and a street and steel jacket.
Looking to upgrade my footwear but having a hard time deciding which direction to go.
Hot weather, Olympia perforated suit. All other weather, Aerostich, Transit GoreTex lined leather suit and Pants. Trackdays, ancient Heineken Gericke two piece leather suit (Honda official gear). Aerostich elks kin gauntlet gloves, Oxtar goretex race boots.

Bell Bullitt RSD
Segura Maddock Jacket
Bauer leather gloves
Rokker Revolution jeans
Icon 1000 Elsinore
Knackered old Frank Thomas textile jacket and trousers when the weather isn't so good, Richa vintage-style leather jacket and Kevlar jeans when the sun's shining, Alpinestars waterproof boots and Schuberth flip-front whatever the weather. Dainese three-season textile gloves or Bering summer leather gloves.
textile RST jacket, Alpinestars trousers, Oxtar boots for cold/wet rides.

used to ride about in a flimsy casual leather jacket and regular jeans during last few summers on hot days, but this summer I've got my safety game on point... just bought a lovely Held retro leather jacket with D3O padding, and some cheap kevlar jeans.... yes I could do better but already 100% better than before!
Just need some ankle boots/sneakers... set my heart on Alpinestars J6, all reviews say dead comfy and easy to wear all day if needed.

oh, and a Nolan N87 matt black helmet. lovely helmet, would reccomend to anyone.

It's funny... i used to nip out all the time just wearing trainers, but now if i look at them as I slip them over my feet, all I can think about is how they will be the first things to fall off in a crash, and I kinda like my feet fully functioning without metal plates :eek:
This time of year it's

PMJ titanium jeans

Black Alpinestar Joey boots

and just treated myself to a Richa Toulon leather jacket with yellow go faster arm bands to match my KR 60th Anniversary bike :)
Some of those shoes look good, go above the ankle, look like normal shoes, nice!

I got these Gaerne GR-W Boots they go higher up and have a plastic thing to reinforce your ankle! Easy on off with a zip. pretty great.

Alpinestars gauntlets, SP Air or a warmer GTS depending.

MotoDry 'Advent-Tour' (...) jacket and pants! decently priced touring gear. pretty good stuff, has many zip vents, removable flaps, removable warm lining, waterproof lining, all that cool stuff. comes with decent knees and elbows inserts, have hip and back inserts too but are pretty thin so i upgraded em to thicker inserts.
hip insert pockets are too low for me. pants are held up with a velcro tightener thing and there is no belt loops so i am a bit concerned theyd slip off if i slid in a particular direction... but otherwise good gear.

Nolan N87 helmet - very noisy. comfortable i guess. looking forward to replacing.

I ride a 20 min commute and wear all this every day. but its all comfy and easy to get into/outof.

Im pretty keen on the Helite airbag vest or jacket. pretty great idea to have an instantly inflatable vest which gives your neck that collar support. way too expensive at that price though, there are rip-offs on ebay ... probably better to spend the dollarydoos on something else... like panniers to store all this bloody gear! or a new pipe. or an ecu flash kit. or a quick shifter.
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and just treated myself to a Richa Toulon leather jacket with yellow go faster arm bands to match my KR 60th Anniversary bike :)
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Biltwell LaneSplitter
Joe Rocket Sonic 3 Leather Jacket
Icon Leather gloves
Kevlar jeans with armor (got them at jafrum)
Swat Orginal Boots
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Wow, newish rider here, you guys all look so smart, cool and on it. Even without photos can tell from gear descriptions.
Im Shark S300 lid
RST Classic TT Jacket, d30 Ghost
Spidi J Tracker jeans
RST Roadster 2 boots
Akin Blip gloves.

Comfy, but as we all know, the under pieces just as important.

Ride well all

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