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Warranty: unofficial dealer services

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Hi, I will be an xsr700 user soon and i´m considering doing the services in a non official mechanic garage.
Does this nullify the Yamaha warranty?
Do you think there´s really a difference between a known neighborhood garage and a Yamaha oficial one?
Thanks and ride safe!
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I'm actually not too sure when it comes to Yamaha warranty since I've never had the need to get any warranty work done. I'm guessing simple things like having reasonable documentation for your repairs and maintenance go a very long way in helping you get the coverage you're entitled to.
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Thanks, I suppose minor jobs like adjustments won´t be a problem but some car companies like Kia restrict the warranty coverage to a full official service book and must be sealed by the workshop.
The thing is I had a CBF250 and my reliable mechanic always take care of her, hehe. (And keeping the costs reasonable).
The first maintenance service in Yamaha will cost me around 130€ (1200km), and surely my trustworthy garage will cost me less.

Anyway, thank you again!
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