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Wanted: sc projects exhaust

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Im looking to get the sc project can and am going to order online but thought id check here first to c if anybody uk based is looking to sell one to save on a bit of cash for me to keep more in the mod fund and make back a few bob for you so if ya are let me know please.
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Bumpy bump
Hi there, I ordered and paid for my SC Projects exhaust direct from SC on the 12/04/17. After waiting for nearly a month with no exhaust I contacted them to be told it had not been despatched due to then not receiving payment even though it had come out of my account on the 12/04/17. After several e-mails they found the money and said they would try and despatch it in a week or so.
After chasing it up yet again they then tell me it is out of stock and they would try and despatch it on the 26th of May if, only if it is back in stock.
Anyway after all this I was utterly pi**ed off with them so demanded my money back. I got it all back eventually.

Moral of the story don't buy one of these if you are in any sort of hurry.

Beautiful exhaust I must admit but truly shocking customer service.

Cheers daps
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Wow, I feel for you Daps and pray the same doesn't happen to mine!

I ordered mine on 24 April and emailed to ask when the expected despatch would be. They got back to me within the day to say it would be this week (w/c 15 May). Will keep you updated on when/if mine ever gets shipped!

Hey Chris,
sure you will be fine even if you have to wait for it.
In the end I got the Mivv system for the mt07 for the bargain price (promo offer) of £299 which I am made up with
sounds awesome and I saved £249 for more mods.
Sorry for posting here mattswan2512
Can you please inform us about the price you find sc projects exhaust?
I find it in Greece at 620 euro, installation included.
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