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Virginia VFR rider

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Hi all Matt from Northern Vuirginia,

First full size bike I ever rode was a Yamaha DT 360. My brothers and I were told by a neighbor "If you can get it running its yours" on a green 1972 with the scrambler pipe". I was 12. We had to kick start iron the side stand or one of us had to hold it while the other kicked...and it was one toe stops if you know what I mean...

The last 18 years I've been riding pretty much only Honda VFR's on the street. My current 2000 has 96k mi on it (not all mine) and she will last probably another 75k.

Really wanted something for around town, with abs...and the xsr takes me back not only to the DT, but also to my SV650 naked I used for track days. I miss the lightness and nimbleness of that bike, which was a razor blade at Mid-Ohio and BeaveRun.

Went to check the xsr at Coleman's in Falls Church VA...but none on the floor (should have called). Would love to know how much folks in the States are paying OTD..wife agrees the SV needs a replacement and my bonus is part way reserved for this.

Great threads and reading. Keep posting and thanks!

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Welcome, Matt. Hopefully you won't have to wait too long. The XSR has the lightness and responsiveness of the old SV650 but suits taller riders better than the SV - and looks much prettier. My ideal bike would have the engine, clutch and gearbox of the (new) SV650 and the aesthetics of the XSR. Now, there's a project for someone!
Definitely has more options to customize than the SV. !!!
Put a downpayment mentioned on a Raspberry red, XSR700. Pick it up from Miller's Motor sports March 2!

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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