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Hi i just bought a 2018 xsr700.
I really like the bike but, the suspention is a bit soft for my taste.
I would like to put on some upside down forks on it.

anyone got any recomendation on what to get?
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Hoi Bobber,

Nice introduction, where are you from?

Just asking, how many front forks did you swap already, or how is your experience with doing such work? So,every USD fork can be used, you have just to adapt it and do some machining etc.

The XSR (same as MT07) is a low budget bike, so is the suspension also. You can upgrade the suspension with ease, by using the Yamaha original accessories or using some aftermarket offers.
The difference with changed rear suspension and some front fork springs are tremendous. That would be the most recommended way, to upgrade suspension, if there are any complains.

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Hi, I think you have to change the whole front of the bike (Wheel, disc, brake...).
There is the option of replace the cartridges / springs.
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