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Under armour

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Anybody tried the Dianese D-Core armour pant....or the long sleeved tee? Like the idea of being able to wear 'normal' clothes with at least some protection.....if so who stocks them in the uk?
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I got a set of motorcycle jeans off ebay that are kevlar lined with hip and knee protection that you can remove so they look like normal jeans and their not big baggy jeans either very pleased with them and they feel very heavy duty
Thanks Matt....too old to be a fashion guru, but a lot of the protective jeans I've seen aren't exactly eye catching - hence the theory re underarmour under 'normal' clothes. Appreciate the need for safety over style etc etc, just trying to get the best of both.... What make were they??
This is the ebay number of the ones i got. They have hip armour and removable knee armour.

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