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Anyone know of a way of turning the rear abs off? Preferably so no errors come up and the light won’t stay on. Cheers!
I too am looking to do this, I've seen people remove the fuse for ABS which disables the whole system but it does throw the dash light issue that needs covering with electrical tape :grin2: ..The other down side to doing this is you have to notify your insurance that the bike no longer has ABS which is annoying.

The rear ABS is just wayy too sensitive on the XSR and I question if the front ABS even works on mine, I'm not quite sure how the system works, if it goes by the ECU then surely it can be altered? Or maybe there's a way to disable the rear wheel locking sensor?

Sorry I can't be of much help but I wish you luck! #letthebackwheelskid
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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