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trooperlus' xsr700

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Found a nice looking xsr700 in red and black with the factory silver tank. It looks amazing! They've added low rise rizoma red bars,custom seat, Ohlins shock and fork cartridges, R&G tail tidy, and Yamaha accessories.

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Some nice touches and very understated.Like a lot.
That seat is gorgeous. Really love how they separated it with the diamond stitching..

I feel like without the seat, it wouldn't be the same overall effect.
That seat looks so comfortable, perfect for leaning back against at long red lights. Would be even better with higher handlebars so your sitting a bit straighter.
With where the gauge is positions,m risers won't be possible so you'll have to get higher handlebars, maybe a frisco in red.

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Think trooperlus just painted the stock parts red? don't think they have red filter screens out yet for the xsr700.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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