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I'm sure this has been asked before and I apologise as I haven't had the time to look through (currently at work).

I'm considering travelling from Wales (UK) to the east of France in August and would like to know if the XSR700 as a machine is fully capable besides comfort?

I have fitted the small Yamaha windscreen, handguards and a gel seat but I'm more concerned if I'm damaging the bike in any way if it isn't build for long distances.

Sorry if it's a noob question but I'm curious.

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Hello Darren,
I took a trip around France two years ago with the XSR and it can absolutely go for long distance ride (3000km in 2weeks).
The only complain I had was the lack of cushioning of the seat. My bottom was aching after 2 hours of riding. But I guess if I had a gel seat at the time
it would have been perfect.
the rear shock is a bit feeble for rebound damping any heavy loads, but will cope just fine.

The engine is mint, running at a decent speed all day wont hurt it as long as it's well maintained. If you're worried, do an oil change before and after, and keep an eye on the water temp.
Thanks guys. I appreciate that!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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