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Torque settings for crash bungs

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Howdy all,

just bought some Barracuda crash bungs but there are no torque settings included in the instruction leaflet.

Would any of you fine fellows have a clue at to what they should be at all?

I hadn't intended to fit any but I'm haunted by the memory of lying underneath my CBF while ZZ top cheered me on. The dignity died that day but I really dont want scratches on my new baby.

Cheers all
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I've seen all kinds of figures quoted for the MT/FZ-07 but 35 ft/lbs (47Nm) seems the most common.

The torque specs in the manual says 75Nm (54 ft/lbs).

The above just confirms that you should always check - including my statement. ;)
Cheers dude.

The truth is that nobody seems to know and everyone has a different reason for different settings. Bit mad really, you'd think the info would be on the instructions as the bungs are bike specific.

I think I might just go for the 75nm as the bung mounts on these ones bolt down with a spacer and an end piece, the bung then screws down onto the end piece. As the threads are cut into the bung plastic, I'm thinking that they'll snap of at that point if I'm ever that unlucky.

Provided I don't bugger it up and the engine drops out first of course.........

Thanks for your help mate.

75Nm is the way to go and no, your engine will not drop. ;)

I went with the Vagabond frame sliders (MT-07 ones). They screw in with a grub screw through an existing hole at the bottom of the frame. If you drop the bike they'll do their job. If you have a low to medium speed off the grub screw will snap off and save your frame from twisting. If you have a high speed off you won't give a **** about the written off bike...

Cheers dude. I think I'm gonna ride like Mr Bean for a bit then the only way I'm coming a cropper is from a standstill.........
Here are the instructions


And I've read 35 ft lb a couple of places. Sometimes I see it says 40-50 ft lb. But service manual for the bolt says:

Then this is from the service manual, not sure which is what:
Engine mounting bolt
(left front side) M12 1 75 Nm (7.5 m·kgf, 54 ft·lbf)
Engine mounting bolt
(left upperside) M10 1 55 Nm (5.5 m·kgf, 40 ft·lbf)
Engine mounting bolt
(right frontside) M12 1 75 Nm (7.5 m·kgf, 54 ft·lbf)
Engine mounting bolt
(right upperside) M10 1 55 Nm (5.5 m·kgf, 40 ft·lbf)
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I put these on a week ago. Did 40 ft lbs torque. They are not the only bolts holding the engine. The sliders pucks themselves are supposed to move a little. Should not over tighten working with Aluminum. They look good and are ready to go.

Doing the handlebar end Shogun pucks this weekend. Will use a little blue threadlocker for those. Hand tighten with Allen. The rear and front wheel sliders requirements have great instructions at the TST site. I am just going to buy those and not the Shogun.
just restart thread. I have R & G ones. says don't go over 40. I will put blue threadlock though
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