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Tool bag alternative, disk-lock storage

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well, I got this from a military surplus store for 10€ (~$10.8), I store the disk-lock in one and I put a pair of disposable raincoats ponchos in the other for now so it doesn't deform.
It's attached under the seat with the leather belt leftover I needed to cut, surprisingly there was a hole ready for it :) so i just used a screw and nut
you touch it with your left leg while stopped in a traffic light, it's doesn't hurt or annoy but you just feel it's there, while riding it's fin, also you can pull it up to reveal the key to open the seat

It's been a few days under test and I'm very happy with it so far, what do you think?


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That's actually a very nifty idea and it fits perfectly with the xsr700 looks. Good ole military surplus stores, providing us with Diy ideas every time we walk in and everything is super durable.
That looks really convenient ! Love the brown leather color of it as well, it feels like it's fitting for the bike. Perfect for story little things and it's not in the way at all. Thanks for the idea !
Its great to see folks beating the main dealers extorsionate costs with their very own DIY alternatives.

Good stuff and it look the daddy in my opinion. Great job jobbed!!!
These look good as well...at about £31, they're far cheaper than Yamaha's offering.....

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Ive got that exact tool roll
There's a lot of affordablw tool bags out there so you're not limited to what Yamaha themselves offer. Motorcycles are just the most customizable vehicles I know of with plenty of Diy opportunities. Maybe the a similar belt to bag method can be used for a larger tail bag?
That's the great things about bikes. There are so many accessories out there that can be universal that you can utilize. Sizes to cater for all of your needs, and in materials that suit your aesthetic styling ideas. You're just limited by your imagination ;)
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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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