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Tommaselli multi adjustable clip ons

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What do you think about this clip ons?


Anyone knows the size of our fork? I think it is 41mm but not sure.
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Couldn't find the specific size in the owner's manual.
All I found was this:
TRAIL 3.5 in
Forgive my question, but what are these used for? You attach them to the forks?
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Forgive my question, but what are these used for? You attach them to the forks?
Yes you attach this to the forks instead of the handlebar. If you look at the yard build site here there are some XSR700 with clip ons.
Hello ! What are the other parts used to install the clipons on the XSR, aside from the Tommaselli clipons please ? How do you mount the clipons ? Thanks.
the picture in your link shows a complete set. The big clamp around the fork tubes for installation.
@hombacher Thank you very much for your reply and pardon my lack of knowledge, i heard about the tommaselli's through a post on this forum (credit @Mollini), here are two pictures :



Isn't there a black plate here that's mounted on the fork to install the clip ons ?

Thinking about it now the position looks a bit extreme for the bike, also heard of the "Hurricane Fat Swallow handlebars" here that looks like a good middle ground. Would you happen to if there is a version for the xsr 700, or if the one for the mt09 fits ?
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Oh, a search in motorcycle history will help you a lot. In the 80s it were those clip ons which turned a standard motorcycle into a hot street legal 'racing' bike.
Maybe it were the same riders which searched for the superbike handlebars to turn their supersport bikes into more comfortable street bikes in the 90s. Who knows, only those who made the metamorphosis will be able to answer.

And of course, these low mounted grips will only work with fit stomach muscles. That muscles will center and hold you, the hands on the grips are only for the steering impulse.
There is minimum one other thread telling this, if I remember right it covered the swallow & fat.
Oh i see, that's pretty interesting stuff i wasn't aware of that :) !
Will dig some more on the history of motorcycling, the XSR 700 is my first ! So far i've decided to mod it a little bit, will install the NRC fender eliminator, r6 throttle mod, jvb jauge rellocation kit and plan to change the handlebars as well (stock are a bit high for me, very relaxed but i want something sportier)
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