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Test rides

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Hey all... So...I edge close to buying an xsr....before I get on to important decisions...like what colour...I was wondering...

How do dealers 'feel' about test riders? The bike and offer I have seen is a long way away...so it is unlikely id ride the brand new bike I get. But I'd like to of course get on one more locally.

Is this all a big no-no? Is it par the course? There's a used one just round the corner at a dealer...is it cheeky to get a ride on it when I have no intention of buying that exact one?

I've never bought anything new, let alone a bike...so wonder what the etiquette is. Or is it just down to my moral compass!?

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The local dealer is that were your gone service the bike if you buy the new one.
If so i would speek to them and explain the situation and im sure they will let you test the used one.
Why turn down an future customer?
That's a really good point Callahan, thank you!
Hi danielb, what Callahan said is spot on. I was in the same position almost a month ago. Went to my closest Yamaha dealer asking about a test ride and they couldn't have been more helpful. It wasn't my intention to buy from them but I also didn't rule it out. Being my first 'proper' bike I wanted to get a feel for the place and ask questions about servicing costs. They did try to sell me a new bike but they weren't pushy about it. It's well worth popping in and having a chat. Last week I ended up buying a 2016 XSR700 from elsewhere but I'll be back at the dealers regularly as they were very friendly and helpful.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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