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Tec Exhaust For Sale UK

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Complete Tec exhaust for sale with Tec's "6 hole baffle" fitted.
Like the rest of the system, this is well made from stainless steel and takes the "crack" off the otherwise staight through system, and saves a lot of weight over the stock system.

Tec is a UK brand and very easy to deal with.
Taking it off my bike because living in a country area it is still just too loud for me.
If I knew how, Id attach a photo but I can email pics to any serious enquirer. (it is visable in my avatar thumbnail pic)
£220 inc P&P in the UK
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Thanks, but this is not posted under General Discussion. It is not a discussion of "Is my exhaust too loud"

This is under For Sale ads. It is accurately described, and your post about an unbaffled Tec exhaust can only help it to not sell.

Mods please note.
I've removed my post about the TEC being too loud for me, due to your whinge!

In case anyone else is interested in the TEC exhaust system. I got mine "brand new" direct from the manufacturer for £220, including postage. Thought I'd help out perspective buyers as that's what Forums are about! Helping each other with info and advice.
Tec's current price for the complete system including the 6 hole baffle is £263.99
From my experience of various other bike forums, the adds column is normally not a place for discussion.
Anybody thinking of buying such an exhaust would look under the specific section and would find much more information there.
I am sorry it sounded like a whinge.
Price reduced ! £180 including P&P in the UK

I'm saving up for fork internal upgrades.
Moderator comment

From my experience of various other bike forums, the adds column is normally not a place for discussion.
This is correct. We've tended not to apply this convention too strictly, as some comment can be beneficial to prospective buyers, and may even help to promote a sale. However, we would ask members to avoid overt criticism of advertised products, including prices asked. Prices are usually open to negotiation and can be haggled with the seller, either in the thread or through a PM (preferred).

The vast majority of ads here, including this one, are bona fide disposals of surplus XSR kit which will certainly be of interest to other members. If anyone has concerns about a particular ad, then do bring it to our attention through a PM.
Now listed on Ebay
Sold ! Thanks Ebay !
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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