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Tank panel materials

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I'm considering picking up an XSR700. I'm not a fan of any of the color schemes and am considering having the tank panels powder-coated. Does anyone know if all three panels are aluminum? At the dealership I couldn't tell if the middle panel is plastic or not (it felt like the front fender is plastic. Is that right?).

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It´s all plastic!
The 2 side panels are Metal (Aluminium, I think).
The centre/top panel is Plastic.
Front fender is also Plastic.
Thanks for the info nightic!

I bought mine yesterday, but haven't been able to bring it home yet. Planning on powder coating the panels white soon. Anyone know the best way to get color on the plastic middle panel and the fenders? Since it's plastic, I'm guessing powder coating is out, but wraps and paint are still options.


Wrapping all of the tank panels is straight-forward and cheap enough to get done professionally.
The bke doesn't suffer any downtime either, as you can still use it with the panels removed.
Had mine done professionally (from the painted factory Green to a Satin-Matt Black) and I'm pretty pleased with the results, plus if I change my mind on the colour, it can be readily removed/changed.

I personally didn't bother with the front fender and just changed it out (for a Rizoma unit) - I found the stock one is way too clunky and cruiser-ish for the look of the bike
Thanks. That's super helpful! The Rizoma fender does definitely look better.
Thanks. That's super helpful! The Rizoma fender does definitely look better.
Yep, it's a massive improvement:


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Tank panels are made of aluminium ;)
I stand corrected! :)
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