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Had to wait till I turned about 5K miles on the new XSR before I started modding - just because sometimes a bike needs warranty work that shows up right away. This bike I have is clean, so it's time to start taking care of business.

There are things on this bike that simple put, need sorted out. Those things come first, before the aesthetics. So here's the first mod I'm rolling out. Ohlins NIX-22 up front and the STX-46 shock.

IMG_20200729_122358913.jpg IMG_20200729_122514702.jpg IMG_20200729_122629037.jpg

Ya, it's the 100% solution. I'll post a review at a later date including all parts, spring rates, and my preload/compression/rebound settings for "aggressive hooligan" and my ride weight.

Opening boxes looks like this...
IMG_20200721_111615991.jpg IMG_20200721_111627030.jpg IMG_20200721_111655185.jpg IMG_20200721_111803631.jpg

I was out today for first serious ride time, we all know what I'm going to say. It's not the same bike anymore, a complete transformation, stunning results - and that's just testing with the initial sag & settings.

Very happy dude tonight in Houston!
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