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Tail Tidy + Akro High Mount??

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Has anyone installed a tail tidy with an akro high moun exhaust? the ones i can find look like the indicator will foul the exhaust.
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I've the Evotech tail tidy - the standard indicators can be fitted in two positions, one being relocated virtually on the number plate. In this position I had the official side bag with no probs, I'm sure it'd be the same with the high mount exhaust
do you have a photo from the back? nice bike btw.
And this is the under side...
Hey racingkoala, did you have to fabricate, alter anything, or was it a straightforward tail tidy install? It looks like the exhaust mounts onto the new tail tidy fittings?!


The extra fittings you see are from the side mount bag support. The akrapovic exhaust mounts to standard locations on the frame. There are some spacers on the passenger right side foot pegs to give extra clearance for the exhaust.

Nice bike, what indicators have you fit? Did you use an adapter?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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