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Tail box?

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I'm having a cbf600 that will be replaced next week by a beautiful and funny xsr700. Today, Whenever I need it I put the topbox in Honda, which is specially useful to leave helmets instead of carrying them all the time.

So, I was wondering if I could have something installed in the xsr700 that do not destroy the look of the bike. I was thinking that maybe a brown leather box would suit, has anybody installed a topbox?, any better idea?

I was also thinking to buy one of those helmet security bags, have anybody use one?, any good?.

Thank you for your ideas....
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Don't think I've ever really seen a retro top box like the one you're looking for but you can try cover a normal one with leather.
I'm thinking that maybe pannier would look much better, and maybe can find one can expand to leave helmet, like those in the bmw's but with a classic look...
Do you have a link to an example? Don't think I've ever seen something like that.
Something like this.....


I asked them if the have similar boxes than can fit a full face helmet in a vintage look, will see what they say. So far this is the most similar thing to what I'm looking for, can be easily removed, key looked and kind of old looking style, f****** expensive thou
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They have some of the nicest top cases I've ever seen but I can't justify the price of them.

Don't ruin your bike with a big silly box on the back!
You are right, a top box is not for this bike. I'm actually looking for side bag matching bike style, that can be removed quickly. In which I can leave this http://www.espacsafe.es/LidSafe , but can't find stock of the helmet bag anywhere...
There is a helmet security strap under the seat you can use, but i guess it depends on if you want to leave your helmet secured but on show or not...
Something like this? Is comes with a handle and should fit a helmet. They're Givi Easylock Saddlebags.

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