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SW Motech Legend Gear

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SW Motech now doing a range of accessories for XSR700, including some stylish luggage. Some good shots in this vid:

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No idea what they were saying but I got the gist of it. Was never a fan of tank bags, they just take away from the tank lines and makes it look bulky but those side bags are nice.
Yup, side bags are nice.
Those look like some really quality bags. I like the how the styling flows with the bike itself
For anyone interested, they have a whole list of xsr700 compatible accessories on their site now: http://shop.sw-motech.com/en/by+motorbike+or+scooter/YAMAHA/XSR+700/index.htm

Their headlight guard actually looks quite nice.
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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