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Sw motech legend gear bag uselessness

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hi all, I would like to share my first experience with sw mothech legend gear rear side bag..

First of all it doesn't look as neat as on website.

Usability is not practical at all, 11,5liters is not small but tight belt with hook prevents to put enough inside the bag.. that's a design flow I think.. the main belt and also at the sides should have been elastic. Yes may cause problems in long term weather conditions. But currently its very painful to open and close.

Quick release works ok. I got a strap to carry the bag on my shoulder. But here's the problem, either you have to take the strap off and put on each time you want to take the bag with you.. as there's no other option to fix the strap on the bag.. it falls easily and can be trapped in the wheel, may even cause an accident.

So I didn't like that bag at all.. stays as an accessory on my xsr 700

For your concern

My best
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Thanks for the info.

....I'm currently considering luggage options for long weekends and this is definitely useful!
I saw bags by Held . Also quite neat but way cheaper !!
Hepco & Becker do a neat soft luggage solution for the XSR .....have a look at their C-Bow system. The rack is bike specific and sits neatly, quite close to the frame, keeping the bike reasonably narrow even when the panniers are added. You then have a choice of panniers. I use their 'Street' panniers on my Africa Twin which are just the right size (22l) - not too big to get in the way but big enough to be useful. I'm considering buying the C-Bow frames for the XSR as well, so I can use the panniers on both bikes.
I actually find the size of SW Motech useful for commuting. Any bigger than thay and bags look bulky to me. I have connected the strap to other loops on the back without a problem. I've been using them for a week now.
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