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Sw motech blaze panniers

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Hi all i have come across these paniers which are really simple to fit and when removed they dont have a frame or anything to detract from the bike just a small mount that the quick release support frame sits in. Only available for the MT07 has anyone tried these on the MT07's sophisticated brother......yes our beloved xsr?
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That is perfect. It's expandable, installs in less than 1 minute, and you can take them off equally as fast. That inside top pocket is great for reaching back and grabbing things. That velcro should be sufficient to hold it though right?
Yes the velcro will be more than sufficient unless you load it up with house bricks and go over lots of speed humps lol
Really does look the perfect option....not cheap at 250-300 but its functional and does not detract from the look of the bike with crappy framework....just wish they did it for our bikes.
I have contacted sw motech to find out if the MT07 kit will fit our bikes or wether they intend to make a kit for ours
Nice bags...shame about the price!

These look like a great design, well thought out and practical. Cheaper than most hard luggage but still expensive at about £272 for the MT-07. But I guess if you bought 'normal' soft bags and added a separate support frame, the price wouldn't be that much different. Definitely worth considering if they bring them out for the XSR.
I have contacted sw motech to find out if the MT07 kit will fit our bikes or wether they intend to make a kit for ours
I was wondering if SW Motech ever got back to you about this?
Old thread I know but resurrected to say that SW Motech have now brought these out for the XSR700:

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If you check the Givi panniers thread on the recents list I have pics of them on my bike there.
Old thread I know, but does anyone know if these will fit with the pillion footpeg holders removed? - looks like they use the mounting holes but not any part of the bracket?
they have released them xsr700 but they are back ordered in Canada for now
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