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Sunday evening sunset ride..

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[Mods - not sure whether this should be in planning or in ride reports? Please do move it if you deem it necessary!]

So I took the XSR out for a short spin in Surrey and Hampshire last Sunday evening - and crumbs, was it good! The roads were empty, everything was peaceful and still, the setting sun created a beautiful, dappled, twilight sort of thing in the air..

(The only thing I was less keen on was that one of my friends came along on a 25-year-old two-stroke, and so the whole world smelled like burned oil!)

I found it really set me up for the week ahead, and so I've been thinking. I've decided I'm going to try to make this a weekly thing, at least until I leave Hampshire in August. I'll probably start and finish somewhere near Fareham and do around 90 minutes' spin, from like half-seven or eight, until around dusk. Anybody who cares to come, one Sunday, is of course most welcome!
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Hi mate, whats your planned route? Fareham might be too far for me but i can meet somewhere in Surrey.
Sorry I missed this @Farhan - but yeah, I don't generally go any farther north than maybe Petersfield or, at a push, Guildford. London-wards of that, the roads start getting pretty crap! Whereabouts are you based?
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