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Stripping, removing, and Replacing hex screws

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So last week I got my new shiny XSR700 and of course had to go crazy on mods. Tail tidy came in yesterday from evotech so I began this morning working on installing it. In the process, I ran into a few hex screws that were REALLY cinched in. Unfortunately I was using the allen wrenches that come with the bike and they're a bit soft and I ended up ruining the allen wrenches (aka hex key set), but worse, stripped the screws (see pic). I've since picked up a decent allen wrench set, but now I have a hex screw that I can't get out.

Two questions for you guys.

First, any suggestions for how to get this out now that the hole is rounded and an allen wrench does nothing?

Second, does anyone know where to order these at reasonable prices? Local hardware shops, even specialty screw shops don't have these. Would a Yamaha dealership have them? Is there a site online that sells them?




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You could try hammering in the next size up allen key into the remnants of the fastener.

Or, get a left-hand drill bit, and try to drill the head off. Quite often the vibration / heat is enough to get the fastener moving.

Sometimes trying to tighten up the fastener, before loosening it helps.

Loads of on-line parts fiche, like this here: https://www.motorcyclespareparts.eu/en/yamaha-parts/2016-xsr700-motorcycles/frame I'm guessing that this is the part you're after https://www.partspak.com/productcar...00-Bolt-Hexagon-Sock-901100811100-p557928.htm

I often replace fasteners with the equivalent in stainless steel. Care is needed if the fastener goes into a stainless steel item, or is load bearing, eg brake calipers, engine mounts.
I had this problem on handlebar throttle screw. Easy to turn in wrong direction.

Screwfix screw extractor kit for £4. Not easy but it does work!

Screw replacements are cheap from fowlers or motorcycle spare parts.

Good luck.
If you’ve got Torx/star shaped bits try hammering one of a suitable size into the damaged screw head.
Try tightening the screw slightly first, then try undoing it.
If the above fails,as suggested earlier its time to drill it out or use an extractor
Thanks for the ideas everyone! I tried to hammer in a torx head and a slightly larger allen key, but no dice. What finally worked was spraying an anti-seize lubricant, taking a dremel to it to carve a flat head notch in the top, and using then a manual impact screwdriver on that with a sledge hammer! Quite a sense of relief when the thing finally started moving (after like 15 minutes of banging on it!). Felt even better when I was able to finish getting the tail tidy on it!
Glad you managed to get it out, it must of been well and truly tightened in! Might be worth replacing with a stainless steel item and use copper slip of similar when reassembling.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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