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Stripes... Options, options...

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Not too happy with the current black stripes... Would this be too pimpy :)?

And I think I need to let the stripes on the tank panels run parallel to the plastic middle section.

Current state:



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Its your choice at tbe end of the day, but in my view black goes with the rest of the color scheme of the bike. A new color seems to be out of place for me.
Try to paint the brown from the seat and bag in the image, it might get nice.
Ah this brown stripes are really really awesome in my opinion! Would then consider swapping the handle grips with ones colored with the same brown, et voilà! *_*
The brown looks amazing in my opinion. The red makes me think of a christmas gift or candy cane of some sort for some reason haha
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Yes, Brown looks great and you probably know AdvSpirit in Caparica, they have some cool brown Biltwell grips...

http://www.advspirit.pt/epages/9604...ies/"Artigos p/ a tua Bike"/Pagina__Categoria
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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