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Stolen XSR700 :(

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Well in the early hours of this morning some scroat decided me and her indoors didn't need our bikes for work anymore and removed them :(

I only picked up my XSR on the 1st brand new so well gutted :(

Her indoors has lost her XJ6 as well so is also gutted :(
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Very sorry to hear that, Dan.....seems the madness of bike thefts in the UK continues unabated. Two XSRs gone in one week, and not even in London. Crazy.
Oh mate, that really sucks. I hope you either get them back or get back on a replacement soon. Were you insured??
I thought bikes had immobilizer keys. So how did they start it? Hopefully you can recover it or insurance pays.
Seems to be a lot of bike thefts going on at the moment, almost as if they're to order.

Hope you get both bikes bike quickly and undamaged, or the insurance pays out quickly and easily.
Insurance are trying to wriggle out of mine, so may end up with a fight :(
you got a description of your bike mate? helps us all keep a eye out. colour reg etc?
Sorry to hear that Dan. I know the feeling and it's gut wrenching. I hope the insurance pay out, makes you wonder what you pay for when they try to get out of it.
Reg was PE67JWJ.

Was matt black with 580 miles on the clock.

Had just fitted a rear rack to it a few days before, the givi one also in matt black.
Sorry to hear your bike got stolen but hopefully where it got stolen has cameras since that could go a long way in getting what you should get from insurance. Don't know how they could turn you down after proof like that.
Well after having my bike stolen in September I now have her back!

Got a phone call from plod in merseyside on Monday night saying it was pulled over and during the course of the investigations at the roadside they found the chassis number and the number plate didn’t match! So the scally scarpered leaving his helmet behind!!!

Picked it up yesterday before work and just this morning I’ve gone out to have a look at the damage and am amazed!

The list of repairs are:

New number plate
New fuel cap lock
New wing mirror glass.

Other than that there is not a scratch on it!!!!

They’ve done 1400 miles in 5 weeks though!!

And the wiring harness is intact, they’ve just directly wired into the plugs to make it work with a standard automotive switch!!
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Glad to hear you've got your bike back (and undamaged), Dan. Hopefully there will be enough DNA in the helmet for Plod to go after the culprit. Maybe the missus will see her bike again too. Good luck.
Good to hear that you've got your bike back. Scary that they could start it so easily.
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Your thread popped up on the "recent discussions" section. Went from "My bike got stolen" to "I got it back" in 30 seconds :grin2:
Glad you got it back
Great to hear that you got it back and very lucky for cops to pull over that exact XSR700. :D
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